We’ve been here exactly 16 days now. Sixteen days. It’s almost hard to believe, time is just flying by. The short and the skinny – I threw my back out hardcore with the move, to the point I had to be carried in the house at one point. Both the house and shop were not quite what we expected, or we’re just awful ambitious. Aside from a quick boat ride on Christmas and a dinner out, we’ve been working non-stop on remodeling the house, the shop, and the constant chiro appointments. But we’re almost there. Neither the shop nor the house is where we want it yet, but our grand opening is a mere 5 days away. The office and waiting room have been repainted. All new computers and computer system are in place. Parts suppliers are in place. A little bit of knowledge on how to actually run it all has been acquired. The waiting room is comfy with plenty of snacks, beverages, and TV/cable/wifi. The shop actually has a clean floor and a decent stereo system in place. Tools are clean and organized, and we are ready to fix some cars. We’ll have a permanent text-friendly phone number in place soon, with which you’ll be able to track the status of your repair, authorize work, examine photos of your work in progress, and even pay for the work if you so desire. We’re even working on a program where we can offer you a 3 year nationwide warranty on all repairs. It’s all slowly coming together, and we certainly appreciate your patience through all of this. Until then, enjoy this amazing weather we’re having and I highly recommend you take care of your back! It may be a bit optimistic, but we’re aiming to take this weekend off and refresh ourselves with a little “harbor therapy”, to be sure we’re 100% for you on opening day. Cya soon, and Happy New Year!

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