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No matter how well you take care of your car, stuff is gonna break. It could be wear and tear, poor prior service work, pesky garden weasels, aliens, or any number of other possibilities. However, a proper repair can only be performed by correctly identifying the root cause of failure – else it will just happen again! Here at Walt’s, we’re not going to just throw parts at your car. Let’s identify the root problem, and plan a corrective course of action to ensure worry free driving moving forward.


The most critical step in owning & operating a motor vehicle is to perform the proper preventive maintenance. I won’t sit here and fabricate a ridiculous statistic – but suffice to say – a large majority of automotive problems either stem from lack of maintenance, or could’ve been detected early on during a scheduled visit, often times saving a considerable chunk of change. Furthermore – there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” maintenance schedule. Climate, terrain, routine traffic conditions, length of commute, driving style, and more all play a role in how your maintenance schedule should be followed. No worries there though – we got you. Stop on by and let’s get you on the correct schedule.


A proper diagnostic operation is a lot more complicated than simply scanning a fault – anyone can run by their local parts store and do that. Granted, it does help point you in the right direction, if you can understand exactly what that code is telling you. Many times, the actual fault has nothing to do with the component specified in the fault code – it’s being a tattle-tale on another component that it monitors. What about a squeak? Rattle? Bang? Clunk? We’ve got the knowledge, experience, and correct tools to get to the bottom of your complaint, and figure it out correctly. The first time.

Custom Builds

Do you love your car but wish it came optioned differently? Do you wish you had opted for a different engine when you bought it? Maybe you’re tired of the driving style and wish you had gotten the manual transmission instead? We can help. Whether it be installing a modern engine into an old chassis, converting your car to a manual transmission, or adding lots of cool toys to increase power/handling, we’ve got years of experience at building peoples dreams. Contact us today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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