We’ve been busy, as evidenced by the lack of entries on our blog, which we can’t thank you all enough for. But, it seems every day in conversation, we tell customers certain “features” we have or services we offer that we haven’t made public to all. This post is an attempt at describing some of those services. With that said – did you know?

1 – Personally, I love Volkswagen and Audi, as evidenced multiple times throughout our postings across various social media outlets and this blog. It doesn’t end there, however. I enjoy the service, repair, performance, maintenance, and any other aspect of other European makes also – like Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, etc…  Not only that, but I employ 2 of the best local technicians that are equally proficient with all your Domestic & Asian market needs. We are happy to work on any make/model. From oil changes to tires to alignments to engine rebuilds to major engine swaps – we’ve got you covered with your automotive needs.

2 – We currently have some pretty incredible “grand opening” promotions going on. We’ve got a $25 synthetic blend oil change special, a $39 full synthetic oil change special, and $10/off all current labor rates for any/all services/repairs. These specials are good throughout the end of February (and have been in place since opening day).

3 – We offer shuttle service to and from. We also offer pickup and delivery service for your vehicle if desired. Time is everyone’s most value asset, and we value yours and will do whatever it takes to make this process as convenient as possible for you.

4 – We are an official Napa AutoCare Center. What does this mean for you? A nationwide 2 year/24,000 mile warranty on most all repairs – valid and honored at more than 17,000 AutoCare centers across the country. That also means we can offer you 6 month / 0% financing on all repairs over $199. That also means we aren’t putting cheap parts on your car. There are plenty of shoddy parts manufacturers around the world, and plenty of places to get them. Not here. We value quality far more than profit, and you’ll never receive parts or service that don’t hold up to the highest quality standards here.

5 – We have an extremely tech-friendly operating system. Prefer to handle everything through email? We got that. Would you like to be able to review all prescribed maintenance/repairs via text message? No problem. Electronic authorization by pressing a button on your tablet? No sweat. Curious of when you last had an oil change? Simply hop on our website and find your car’s complete history. We are as tech savvy as you’d like, or down home country and personable as you’d prefer. Give us a call. Shoot us a text. Send us an email. Or just stop on by. We’re always willing to listen, however you prefer to communicate.

6 – Do you like to wait around while your services are being performed? We’ve got a comfortable waiting room, plenty of free snacks and drinks, cable tv, wi-fi internet, charging for your devices, and my super friendly (and chatty) wife to keep you company.

7 – We offer a complimentary car wash with any service (weather permitting) at your discretion. We also offer a wide variety of detailing services from basic wash/vacuum up to and including that fresh off the showroom floor look.

8 – If you were familiar with the place before, you know how much work we’ve done to the office/waiting room. You probably also notice the outside area looking much cleaner and less cluttered. There is also a complete exterior makeover in the works, new landscaping, both followed shortly after by a complete renovation of the shop area. It’s a long, slow, process, but essential at the same time.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Thank you again for your patronage, we truly appreciate your business, and will continue to work hard to ensure you receive the best possible, personable, automotive service experience. Anything else you’d like to see us do? Any services not offered you wish we had? We’d absolutely love your input. Please call, text, email, stop by, comment below, message in a bottle, or send a carrier pigeon and give us your feedback!


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