Well, we did it. We survived day one. I’m sure every technician, at some point in their career, dreams of opening their own shop. I can imagine it’s a small percentage that actually pursue it, and a way smaller percentage that actually succeeds. I also bet most (myself included) think they know everything they need to get rich and succeed with ease. Well, reality check – it’s not that easy. We felt like toddlers learning to ride a bike most of the day. Even with spending the last 2.5 weeks trying to get ready for today, we were still completely lost. Granted, we took a lot more risks than we should’ve – adopting a completely new software and processes and such that we had never used nor were familiar with, and it was evident today. But, at the end of the day, cars got fixed and customers left happy, and that’s the bottom line. No matter the struggle with bookkeeping, writing estimates/RO’s, etc…, we do know how to fix a car and effectively communicate the entire process one way or another. With that said, we do apologize if any of you had to wait extra long for a quote today. Or for your car to be written up or cashed out. Or on hold on the phone. Or maybe you received an update on a car that wasn’t yours (LOL, it happened, sorry!). Rest assured, even if we’re a bit slow up front, all the work in the back will be far beyond your expectations. The smiles and appreciation and even tears of joy we received today are appreciated far beyond words can measure, and we can’t wait to surpass your expectations again and again. Thank you for allowing us to provide a superior service for you and your vehicle, especially while we fumble through these beginning steps. If there’s ever anything we can do better, PLEASE reach out and let us know. We’re nothing without you, and we promise to never forget that.

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